What Happens During a Microdermabrasion Treatment?

What Happens During a Microdermabrasion Treatment

People have a tendency to make snap judgments about your health status based on the appearance of the skin on your face because it is the first thing they see when they look at you. Unfortunately, as you get older, the health of your skin starts to decline.

You may start noticing indicators of an uneven tone and other issues. A microdermabrasion treatment can instantly enhance the tone and texture of your skin, making it look healthier and more radiant.

This treatment has the potential to drastically transform the way you view yourself in the mirror if you have been noticing that your facial skin has become dull or has dark spots. Your skin might have a lustrous glow that you will be pleased to show off to the rest of the world.

What Can You Expect from Your First Microdermabrasion Facial?


The first thing you need to do is have you stop into the office for a consultation, as this is the initial step in the process. You are going to discuss the issues you are having with your skin and the kinds of outcomes that you are aiming to achieve.

The clinician will ask you questions regarding the medications you are currently taking as well as behavioral decisions such as how much time you spend in the sun and whether or not you smoke. In addition, clinicians will inquire about the skin treatments you have received in the past as well as the items you use on your face.

The vast majority of people are ideal candidates for microdermabrasion treatments, but doctors will assist you in making sure that this is the best method for you depending on your skin and what you’d like to see altered based on what you’d like to see changed.


When you come in for your initial session, the clinicians are going to want to begin the treatment by wiping down the area that needs to be treated. You can wash your face yourself before arriving at your scheduled session, or the clinician can do it for you. It is important to do this so that any dirt, oil, or other things that have accumulated on your skin can be removed.

When you begin your facial therapy with clean skin, any bacteria and surface filth that could potentially prevent you from getting the most out of your treatment are eliminated.

Eye Covering

You are welcome to wear sunglasses. If you choose, the clinician can also place eye patches on your eyes to protect the sensitive skin around your eyes and make the application process more comfortable. As a result, you will be able to take it easy and unwind while you are getting treated.

Application for Devices

The professionals will remove the top layer of your skin by using hand-held equipment in a manner that is both gentle and precise. The device that will be used will gently pull apart very small portions of your skin. The gadget then sprays microscopic crystals into the top layer of your skin, which exfoliates the region and causes dead skin cells to peel away.

After this step, the treatment tool removes all of the dead skin, leaving behind only the most recent, most healthy skin, which in turn stimulates the flow of blood. Your skin will radiate a healthy glow as a result of this.


After the application has been completed, the doctor will apply a moisturizer to your skin. In addition to maximizing the effects of the treatment, this helps to soothe and calm the area that is being treated. The doctor will provide you with an at-home moisturizing routine that will be recommended for you to follow.

Benefits of Microdermabrasion

This method does not include any intrusive procedures, which is one of the main advantages of using it to achieve younger and more radiant skin. Even though they are less intrusive, certain cosmetic skin treatments still entail injections and topical anesthetics. The majority of cosmetic procedures involve a surgical procedure that is performed under general anesthesia. This treatment does not involve any intrusions.

There is no time needed for recovery.

Following this therapy, you will be able to resume all of your regular activities right away. You are free to resume working for the remainder of the day or carry on with any other plans. There is no requirement to get some rest, take some time off work, or set aside some healing time.

Products Intended for the Skin Become More Efficient

Products intended for the surface of the skin, such as moisturizers and anti-aging serums, are best absorbed by the skin that is in good health and free of blemishes and debris. Following treatment, you will notice that your skin can absorb and make better use of the products you apply; as a result, you will derive a greater return on the money you spend on these goods.

Increases One’s Sense of Confidence

When you improve the way you perceive your looks, you will automatically experience an increase in self-confidence. As a result of this, you may have more success both in your professional life and in the personal relationships you maintain. When you look in the mirror and like what you see, you have the confidence to tackle anything that comes your way.

Things to Remember before Microdermabrasion

Protection from the Sun Preparation

Before you come in for treatment, you will need to make sure that your skin is adequately protected from the sun. Any recent injuries can make the procedure less efficient, and if you have sunburns on your face, it may be necessary to reschedule it until your face has healed.


Before beginning treatment, you should avoid getting a tan. This refers to tanning in natural light as well as in tanning beds or using sprays.

Products for the Skin

In the days coming up to your treatment, you should avoid using certain items that are intended for the skin. Products containing retinol and topical exfoliators could fall within this category. When you call to schedule an appointment, the doctor will talk with you about your current skincare routine and any adjustments that you should make before receiving treatment.

Try this treatment today by booking an appointment with Skin Confident Spa and let your skin be handled well by professionals.

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